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Is there an easy way in photoshop(cs 5.5) to remove backgrounds from a batch of photos that all have the same background? Kinda like green screen only with any background? In otherwords if I have a picture of the background by itself and then various objects in front that background, can I batch remove the real background. Photobooth in OSX does this when you have to step out of the shot for a few secounds and then when you step back in it can replace the background.

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so you have the 2 pics with and without? a differences or exclusion overlaying of layers would work. if you dont have both pics, then you have to manually select. I dont see the point, if you took 2, why not just take a 3rd :-) on a single color background. – Psycogeek Jan 8 '12 at 8:36
I don't have access to such a background in real life (I'm not a photographer, I'm a web programmer) and If I did have one I'd still be asking the same question here. Also it's not just 2 photo's but a bunch of them. I'm really new on the photoshop end of things, the exclusion/differences overlay is what I would like to know how to do. Thanks. – UserZer0 Jan 8 '12 at 17:32

I know that this question was asked long ago...

But I hope my answer is helpful for other friends :)

For select specific color or remove color in a photo,We can use the magic wand tool.

enter image description here

After select ,the Using gradien tool or paint bucket tool for change the color.( delete or eraser tool for remove color)

enter image description here

And finally,We had a beautiful sun shining. ;)

enter image description here

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