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I know how it is possible to enter acute (á), grave (à), circumflex (â), and tilde (ã) diacritics with US international keyboard. You just enter one of the symbols ('`^~) and then a vowel.

Is it possible to enter macron (ā) and caron (ǎ) also some similar way?

What is the simplest way to enter these diacritics?

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Not directly, no. As you can see from Microsoft's keyboard layout animation, hyperlinked below, there's no dead key combination for macron or caron.

In the worst case you can probably resort to Alt+numeric codes

Al codes diagram for macrons

— From

Despite the caption these work in several programs and several versions of Windows (I tried in Vista WordPad)

The people at Wikipedia have collected a set of third-party keyboard layouts and utilities for Windows that they can use for writing macrons in Wikipedia articles.

Other methods I have seen mentioned for characters not in the keyboard:

See also

Further reading

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As an aside only, because I do not know the answer for Windows: I have dead accents for macron and caron on my Linux keyboard, they are placed on the 3 and . keys for US International on Linux.

I also have them on my Colemak keyboard (both for X and for Windows, of course) on the m (for macron) and h (for háček) keys. I recommend this layout anyway, but it get ever more off-topic.

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How do you enter these diacritics having these keys? For example, how do you enter caron instead of H by pressing H? Some alternating key exists? – Dims Jan 8 '12 at 11:16
Using the AltGr key. With Colemak, AltGr-H creates the dead caron accent, AltGr-M creates the dead macron. That is even identical for Windows and Linux, while the US International keyboard seems to be an extended version on Linux. – MPi Jan 8 '12 at 14:17

I'm using the US-international keyboard and I can type háčeks using Shift + Alternate Graph + Period/Greater-Than, followed by the letter that belongs below. If I need the macron, I hit Shift + Alternate Graph + Three/Hash, followed by the letter that belongs below.

However, there are several variants of the US international keyboard; Some of them lack the háček and the macron.

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