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Google Chrome has a button to "close tabs to the right" (right click on a tab), but not one for the left.

Firstly, why is this?

Secondly, how do I add a button to close tabs to the left?

I've looked through the Google Chrome Support, and couldn't find anything useful.

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There is an extension you can use to do this: Close Tabs to Left

Close Tabs To Left will let you close all the tabs to the left of the current tab with only a click.

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Firstly why is this

I've always assumed this because it is useful to clean up after using middle-button to open lots of Google results. I find it useful. Since new tabs are to the right (and not to the left) of the current tab, this makes sense.

how do I add a button to close tabs to the left.

I don't know. However you can select a group of tabs using click and shift-click and then use Ctrl+W.

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very nice indeed the group of tabs thingy! – Gruber Jul 18 '15 at 15:13

You can select tabs that you need by press [Ctrl + click] on tabs which you want to leave on a pane. And after drag it to left part of pane. And use "close tabs to the right".

It's not a solution for your problem but not bad walkaround.

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