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I purchased a wireless Logitech Wave mouse/keyboard combo and want to use it with my old PS2 KVM.

I've seen a few converters out there that might work, but the problem is they connect one USB-> one PS2. I need something that will split one USB into two PS2 (keyboard and mouse), as that's what the KVM expects to have plugged in.


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The only device, which description suggests that it might work in given situation is Startech PS22USB adapter. Pricey as hell, so that's rather for KVM's, not for individuals wanting to use their brand new wireless USB keyboard with their old 286.


You need a wireless transeiver to send the signal to the devices. Modern mini single usb chips will not work.

I don't see how this answers the question. The wireless keyboard comes with the appropriate transceiver. The problem is (or, rather, was -- six years ago!) that that transceiver has a USB connector but the asker needs to plug it into a pair of PS2 ports. – David Richerby May 21 '15 at 19:30