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I recently had a Windows XP laptop stolen

I do not know its MAC addresses (wired or wireless)

I have managed to retrieve its wireless MAC from the WiFi router it was attached to, but I have no record of the wired MAC address.

I have a backup of the C:\Documents and Settings folder. Is there any way I can find the MAC address in there? As far as I can tell from Googling, the MAC address might exist in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE in the registry, but of course all I have in my backup are the NTUSER.DAT files corresponding to HKEY_CURRENT_USER for each user.

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Was the laptop a DHCP client? If so, you could look in your DHCP server for the MAC address of the laptop from it's leased ip address. – joeqwerty Jan 8 '12 at 20:32
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Unless you were running a third-party application that stored MAC addresses in a file within the "Application Data" folder hierarchy I think you're out of luck. I'm not aware of any stock operating system functionality that would'be been storing MAC addresses in the "Documents and Settings" hierarchy.

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Thanks, I feared as much. – David North Jan 8 '12 at 20:11

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