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I am testing Ubuntu 11.10, I am using Unity so far but I am not 100% convinced I want to use this desktop. I also installed gnome 3, but I find Unity easier to use than gnome 3.

But I would like to use gnome because I believe I will be able to customize it better in the future. Plus I like that part of the code and extensions are in javascript. What I would like is to have gnome 3 but with the old gnome 2 top and bottom panels.

I tried tint2, but I don't love it, I would prefer to use the old gnome 2 panels if possible. I don't want to remove or modify anything else, just add the panels.

Is that possible without downgrading?

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Cinammon is a gnome-3 replacement that tries to restore many of gnome2's missing features, including the bottom panel but not the top one. I am not aware of any other gnome3 project that does a better job at restoring the old gnome behaviour.

Maybe this is enough for you?

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I've end up using a few extensions but Cinammon looks cool I will try it out thanks. – rgimna Jan 9 '12 at 15:17

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