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I'm trying to debug some issues with my Mac. This machine is used as continuous integration server. It stops responding from time to time. I think it could be some software issue, since the machine is working (so i.e. it's not a kernel panic) - that is when I go to the server room I see the login screen and I can move the mouse. Unfortunately I can't login neither directly nor by VNC or SSH.

There is a nice tool that helps in debugging this type of problem called aTop. It's like top but with history. Unfortunately it's Linux-only software.

Is there any tool that is similar to aTop for OSX?

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You may wanna try htop. In the homepage it says it's "htop - an interactive process viewer for Linux", but it actually also works for OS X.

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thank you for answer but unfortunately htop doesn't store history. – Maciek Sawicki Nov 2 '13 at 15:12

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