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I am trying to grep over some pdf using pdfgrep which I download from here:

I then unzip it and put files into the cygwin corresponding folders. Initially I got error saying cannot find libpoppler19.dll so I downloaded it and put it under bin. Then now when I run pdfgrep I got a error I don't know how to fix:

/usr/bin/pdfgrep.exe: error while loading shared libraries: ?: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

Why I am getting a ? instead of a specific lib name ???

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Try ldd /usr/bin/pdfgrep.exe to get a list of linked libraries. Also, it sounds as if you did install manually, not via setup. There should be a setup.hint with library requirements, something like requires: cygwin libcurl4 libexpat1 libgcrypt11.

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Sorry forget to settle this one down. I ended convert pdf into txt and using nativa grep from cygwin under windows, it's working fine for me.

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