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Is there a way to directly convert an access database to fdb(firebird) format using microsoft access? If not what's the best way?

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As long as you can establish an ODBC connection to the remote database... you can export the data to the other database server. Sometimes you must do some of the conversion manually... as each database flavor implements data-types differently. (you can usually get around this by creating a similar database structure on the other side... then export data to the existing tables.)

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In order to do this, you would need to re-create the database in Firebird.

Check the MS Access metadata, extract SQL statement to create the tables and convert these to Firebird format, create a new Firebird database and re-create the metadata.

Next, you can transfer the data.

Shameless-plug-mode: this all can be done using Database Workbench ( ) -- it can convert the metadata for you, so you don't have to work out differences between datatypes and SQL syntax (via the Schema Migration tool) and it includes a DataPump to transfer data.

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