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In Win95 and XP, I used SendToX ( to select a number of files in directory and copy the names to the clipboard so that I could paste them into a document or my notes.

For example, I just burned a DVD of a couple dozen EXE files and I want to print a table of contents of what's on the DVD by including the exact filename of each file on the DVD. With SendToX, I could select the files send to clipboard, paste them into a notepad window and print them, and it was done.

Is there a way to do this in Win7?

I did some searching and the tool at looks pretty nice, but I'd like to use a tool provided by Microsoft if possible.

Does anyone know of a tool provided by Microsoft to copy a selection of files to the clipboard?

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On Vista and Windows 7, you can hold down Shift and Right Click and you'll see a new entry Copy Path. This copies the full path of all of the files you have selected to the clipboard.

This is exactly what I wanted.

I got this information from the Microsoft Technet

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