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Today I opened up my browser (Opera 11.60) and noticed that all of the font was italicized. There are still some text that isn't italicized, but most of the text is italicized. I then opened up Firefox 9.0.1, and all of the font was bold. I looked at the Fonts in the Control Panel, and I have Arial Black, Arial Bold, Arial Bold Italic, Arial Italic.

So, does anyone know why this is happening?

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it might be an added font, messing things up. – Psycogeek Jan 10 '12 at 1:38

So downloading and reinstalling the fonts found in this post at solved my problem! Just unzip the attachment, and copy over to the C:\Windows\Fonts.

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So, try:

Go to Fonts Directory, Delete Regular Arial Font, reboot, and reinstall it.

Solved the problem for some lucky users.

Source: See Here Solved

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I tried deleting the Arial Black font, rebooting, and then reinstalling it as an Admin, and it still didn't work. – Nathan Jones Jan 10 '12 at 1:51

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