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I'd just like a simple formula to return the date for the current Monday, Wednesday and Friday based on the current date.

So, I would like to see it like:

  • Cell A1 I'd like (Today is Monday January 9 2012)
  • Cell B1 I'd like (Wednesday January 11 2012)
  • Cell C1 I'd like (Friday January 13 2012).
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Do you mean the Monday, Wednesday and Friday of the current week? – Paul Jan 10 '12 at 5:09
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The following will display the dates for Monday, Wednesday and Friday of the current week:

=NOW() - WEEKDAY(NOW(),3)+2
=NOW() - WEEKDAY(NOW(),3)+4

Basically this is taking the time now, and subtracting the current weekday (which gives you Monday), then adds 2 days or 4 days to get Wednesday and Friday.

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Sunday of this current week:


Monday of this current week:


Tuesday of this current week:


Wednesday of this current week:


Thursday of this current week:


Friday of this current week:


Saturday of this current week:


SUNDAY of following week, when Monday & not Sunday is used as day #1 of week:


Also, if you change the format of the cell to a custom format and choose DDD it will display Fri or Mon and if you use DDDD it will display Friday or Monday, etc.

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When using the weekday function with a Return_Type here are the options: no ,Return_type = = 1 (Sunday) through 7 (Saturday) 1 = 1 (Sunday) through 7 (Saturday) 2 = 1 (Monday) through 7 (Sunday) 3 = 0 (Monday) through 6 (Sunday) – opsin Jan 10 '12 at 5:47

If you want it to say today is something or another:


This would return: Today is Friday.

And this:


Would return: Today is Friday Jan 13.

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