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I am using ubuntu 11.04 (or rather was using it). I was following this tutorial. After I finished it, I shut down the computer and haven't been able to log back in.

Basically what is happening is that i am getting the grub screen.

so i have two questions:

  1. What has caused this ?

  2. What are my options here ? Have I lost my filesystem somehow ? can I get get back my data ?

please help me.

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I don't know what caused it but you can try booting with the LiveCD and then Install Grub back to your hard drive Or you can download a bootable version of Super Grub Disk and put that onto a CD or USB and boot from it and boot into your Ubuntu installation.

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ok can you say if 1. Making changes to /etc/fstab or 2. mount /cgroup which will try to mount cgroups automatically or 3 making changes to etc/network/interfaces or 4 making changes to /etc/resolv.conf cause my file system to crash ? – Wildling Jan 10 '12 at 12:55

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