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Is it possible to force Excel to only use populated cells for the RANK function?

Without using VBA

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Can you post an example where RANK() is returning an unwanted value because of blank/non-numerical cells? I'm not seeing such behavior in my tests. – Excellll Jan 10 '12 at 15:58

Perhaps you can use an IF function to "filter out" blanks. For example to rank data in A2:A10 which might contain blanks, use this formula in B2 copied down


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This solution is simpler than the other suggested solution, though both work in this instance – Raystafarian Feb 8 '12 at 12:54

Excel sure has a lot of functions.. I think


is the correct formula for that. See Ranking in Excel Tutorial.

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It would seem that you don't want to see the #N/A. You will have to do error checking. Something like this will work (it's not elegant because it requires excel to run the function twice if it isn't blank):

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You could also use: =IF(A1<>"", RANK(A1, $A$1:$A$10),"") The difference between this and the highest ranked answer is this operates on a true whereas the other solution relies on a false to operate. Neither is necessarily better in this case

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