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I'm trying to install for instance this plugin in gedit on Linux Mint 12 (Gnome 3). The gedit version is 3.2.3. According to the Gnome gedit plugins page, the following must hold for third party plugins:

To install one of these, you need to download the files and put them in your ~/.local/share/gedit/plugins/ directory (which may need to be created). They need to be in that exact directory; subdirectories are not scanned for plugins.

I have done exactly that, but no third-party plugin will appear in the plugins list. Does anyone have any advice? It would be very helpful.

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The solution is found here. Apparently one needs to

  • Change the extension for the description file from .gedit-plugin to .plugin (which I did)
  • In addition one must edit the header of this file from [Gedit plugin] to [Plugin]

The second point solved the problem for me, but this should be better documented by the gedit guys.

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patch in the form of deb package for ubuntu 11.10 works for me. the deb is available at and download and install gedit-latex-plugin_3.3.1-1~oneiric1_all.deb

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