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My clients like to plug in USB drives into the computers to install games, etc, resulting in virus and trojan infection. Is there a way I can password protect usage of USB drives on Windows machine? The computers do not have Internet connection.

It will be good if the method works for CDROM also. :)

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Partial answer:
Go into the Group Policy Editor > User Configuration > Administrative Templates > Windows Components > Windows Installer and change the "Prevent removable media source for any install" value to "enabled". This will stop install from CD/DVDs but I'm not sure if it applies to USB.

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You can use DevicePro Agent for this limitation:

Devicepro ® controls the interface to portable media devices allowing users to benefit from the advantages of mobile media, without risking the loss of data or the introduction of malware. DevicePro® enables you to determine which mobile storage media is allowed in your network, which ports may be used and what file types can be imported from or exported to external media. Real-time management, flexible access settings, and full support for mobile users ensure a high degree of acceptance among users.

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