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I have to proofread every single page of a website. This website is quite hierarchically build.

Is there a way to open every links that stands on a page, each on a different tabs (one tab for each link standing on the page) ? This way I could be sure to have read everything by closing each tab after reading it.

The way I intend to do this job is :

  • Open the home page
  • Open each link found on that page to a separate tab
  • repeat recursively on each newly opened page.
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Be careful having ALL links open automatically as there may be hundreds of them, which could cause your system to stop responding or to crash.

Using Firefox you can use the LinkSidebar Add-on which gives you control of what to open.

Also found some other tools here.

These bookmarklets let you quickly search, open, or list links on whatever page you're viewing.

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You can open all links once in chrome browser, Bookmark all open pages using Ctrl+Shift+D and save this in separate bookmark folder. Next time you can open all links in the bookmark folder from bookmark menu.

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