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I often will start a group call (which makes me the "creator" of the call) but need to leave before others on the call wrap up. How can I hang up from my end while allowing the remaining users to continue on the call?

I have tried promoting other people on the call to the "master" role using the command /setrole [Skype Name] MASTER (detailed at What are chat commands and roles?), but when I hang up, it still ends the call for them.

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That sounds quite impossible as the standard conference call config. If the presenter/host close the conference, this will disconnect everybody. – r0ca Jan 11 '12 at 15:31
+1 - I, too, would like to make this happen. I tend to be the group call initiator, and also the first to leave. – Aeo Jan 11 '12 at 15:47
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The bad news is you can't since your PC is routing the call.

As some sort of workaround i installed a Skype on a little Homeserver of mine so i can call myself prior to the conference call and then invite the other participants, that way the server is the actual host and i can leave anytime while the server still maintains the conference.

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