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Yesterday, I noticed that "Alt+R" wasn't working. Anywhere. Other key combinations with Alt were working normally.

So I fired up Eclipse, went to keyboard shortcut settings and saw that I can't map "Alt+R" to anything. From these findings it was obvious that something, somewhere has globally registered this key combo.

After some trial and error, I found a non obvious thing: when Chrome is launched, the combo doesn't work. When it's closed, it works. It turned out a certain Chrome Extension was trapping this very combo. After disabling it, everything was back to normal.

Now, I'm wondering, is there a tool or utility that could help me pinpoint problems like this in the future? Something that says "this key combo is being intercepted by application or process XYZ"?

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There is small, freeware application called ActiveHotkeys, but it just shows active key combinations.

From ActiveHotkeys webpage:

Windows does not provide information about what program registered a particular global hotkey. Therefore this information is not available through ActiveHotkeys either.

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