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I'm on a Mac Mini 2011 with VirtualBox installed. I have Windows 7 running as a Guest OS.

My question: How do I "trap" my mouse pointer within Windows? In other words, I don't want my mouse to move outside to the Host OS. Ideally, I would be able to press the Host key to "untrap" my mouse.

The purpose: I'm playing Warcraft 3 in the Guest OS and I can't scroll the screen since the mouse keeps jumping to the Host OS instead of scrolling the screen. This happens even in full-screen mode.

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Select Disable Mouse Integration from VirtualBox's Machine menu. Next, click within the guest OS to capture the mouse.


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Use this command to make it permanent.

VBoxManage modifyvm "your-vm-name" --mouse ps2
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This works with newer versions of VirtualBox – sshakir Jan 12 '15 at 6:00

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