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i'm using a program called "wine" that allows me to run .exe files on my macbook pro (running snow leopard) but to run this specific program I need to have Microsoft .NET framework installed, but when I try to install it gets almost all the way through to process and gives me this error message:

this was for .net framework 3.5 EventType : visualstudio8setup P1 : 14001 P2 : 3.5.21022.08_orcas_x86_net P3 : pr P4 : inst P5 : f P6 : gencomp7051025_{168d82f8-ac6b-4b55-804f-2ae51 P7 : baseret_failure P8 : 0 P9 : 1603 P10 : -

so just to see if that install stuck at all, I tried the 3.5 service pack 1 and got this message: EventType : visualstudio8setup P1 : 35101 P2 : 3.5.30729.01_orcas_x86_net P3 : gen P4 : inst P5 : f P6 : dlmgr_verificationerror P7 : 5008 P8 : 5008 P9 : type_badcertificate P10 : -

any help or alternative solutions to make this work would be great. One of my friends in a similar situation said he installed it using VMWare, but he got that software from his work and I would love to not have to buy anything. Thanks!

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this isn't a programming question and would be better asked on Super User, where "power users" hang out... – Michael Dautermann Jan 13 '12 at 5:22
@Evan: If the software is pure .NET, Mono may be able to run it: – Yann Ramin Jan 13 '12 at 5:28

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