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Somehow on my wife computer the default Microsoft keyboard shortcut scheme was changed into some "legacy scheme". This is the 2nd time she managed to do it and the last time I was only able to resolve it by opening a new user account for her. This only applies to Word, other office applications still have the normal shortcuts. Any ideas?

Update: some more details. The OS is Windows 7 x64. Office 2000 is not fully compatible with it but it is good enough.
Now, it is possible to change the keyboard shortcuts one by one via "Customize Keyboard" but obviously this is not how she changed it in the first place. She is not an advanced user and doesn't go to the options menu. My wild speculations are:

  • Since Word keeps some of the settings in the files perhaps some file she opened changed the default settings.
  • Some mysterious keystroke sequence that her fingers tend to like.
  • Some website that manages to change it.

The 2 things I hope to find out are:

  1. How did she enter this mode.
  2. How do I revert it in a single shot by copying over some file or importing a registry file. So basically where does Word keep its keyboard shortcuts.

I did try to copy the normal.dot template from my account over hers but it didn't solve the issue.

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If it's happened recently then you could rollback to a System Restore point? Or use the Restore Point Manager to investigate if some installation caused it? (ie rollback to before the fault, then see what's been installed since)

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Does she have Word Perfect Mode enabled? Is there a WPM indicator in the bottom of the window that looks like it is enabled? Double click it to disable.

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No, there is no WPM indicator and the compatibility tab in 'Options' is set to Microsoft Word 2000 –  Gur Jan 13 '12 at 20:14

How old is your wifes computer?! Which operating system do you use? Office 2000 was released in 1999. You should consider to upgrade to a newer version with more features and stability.

@HaydnWVN if they still use office 2000 they might also use an old operating system, which might not have a restore point.

I hope daxlerod is right because it could be tough to find an Office 2000 and its settings.

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