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How can I access the clipboard contents when it is in an unusual format that most programs won't accept (i.e. not easily pasteable)?

I have copied something from a program, supposedly in PDF format, using an undocumented hidden option. I would like to access this data if possible. It cannot be directly pasted into any of the programs I tried, but the data is present in the clipboard, as shown by ClipBook Viewer:

Mathematica graphics

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There are different tools available, but you can try this free tool called clipview:


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This is a nice program. It turns out the Push in Clip functionality is what I need. It turns out I need to change the description "PDF" to "Portable Document Format" to make it pasteable. Unfortunately this also changes the clipboard contents to what this Clipview program is displaying, which is usually not correct (i.e. it alters and corrupts the data) I guess this warrants another question. –  Szabolcs Jan 14 '12 at 16:24

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