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I sometimes have problems dropping IP addresses after changing networks and get stuck with a self-assigned IP that I cannot drop by hitting the renew "DHCP Lease" button on my Mac OS X.5 Leopard. The only work around is to manually give myself a "good" IP, shut down my computer, then boot up and switch back to regular DHCP. Any ideas?

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Somtimes issues like these can arise from malformed network preferences. Try deleting (or just moving/renaming) these files:

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Here's some fairly unpleasant instructions from apple

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It must be the problem with your IP Address. 169.254.*.* is an address reserved for local ip address. If your DHCP server uses that address then you could not connect to the internet.

Please check this Internet connection does not work with an IP address space of from ISP, router, or manual configuration

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Connecting using the plain WEP password was allowing me to connect (to a link sys Wi-Fi) but DHCP didn’t work and I got the dreaded self-assigned address.

To fix it we logged in using the HEX version of the same key (which we found by looking on the router via a wired connection).

On network preferences, select Network Name Join Other Network... then type in the name of your own network, select WEP...HEX. and enter the HEX version of the WEP key.

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