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I'm looking for a program which is able to split movie into parts depending on a scene change. So if movie consists of forest landscape and fishes in aquarium then I want to get two movies: the first is about the forest, the second is about fishes. Preferably the program is available under Linux and has command line interface

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All I could find so far:

  • The program lav2yuv can detect scene changes:

    -S list.el
    Output a scene list with scene detection

    For this to work, you'd need to convert your video files to MJPEG before:

    ffmpeg -i source.avi -an -vcodec mjpeg destination.avi 

  • There's an abandoned piece of software called shotdetect. It's the only command-line and open source program I ever found, but I expect it not to work for most videos.
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Do you know anything about the contents inside that file? What do the numbers represent? My guess is those are frame numbers - any clue if that's right? – Utkarsh Sinha Jun 13 '12 at 6:24
The list.el file? I have no idea since I've never tried it, but I would guess these are frames, yes. – slhck Jun 13 '12 at 7:57

I've used Scenalyzer Live with great success. It does scene detection, but it is a Windows GUI tool, not Linux command-line:

ScLive has automatic scene splitting while capturing - each scene is written into its own .avi file in realtime. It splits the scenes based on the recording-time embedded in the DV-streams or based on optical content.

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According to its webpage ( ), Kdenlive have this functionality ( called Clip analysis feature ).

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