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While installing Visual Studio 2010, I saw an option to install SQL Express. I checked that option assuming it would install SQL Server Express as well, but apparently it didn't. When I type ssms.exe in Run, it says it cannot find it. Also, I do not see SQL Server Management Studio under Programs--> Microsoft SQL Server 2008. All I see is:

Import and Export Data (64 bit)
SQL Server Configuration Manager
SQL Server Error and Usage Reporting
SQL Server Installation Center (64 bit)

When I click on SQL Server Installation Center (64 bit), it asks me to Browse for SQL Server 2008 Installation Media, but I am not sure where it is located at.

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I'm pretty sure SQL Express doesn't include SSMS out of the box.

You can download Microsoft® SQL Server® 2008 Management Studio Express from Microsoft.

The error you're reporting does make it seem like it's not fully installed. You can get an installable stand-alone copy of MSSQL Express 2008 R2 from MS as well, which you could possibly use to repair or reinstall it.

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This is it. When you download MSSQL, you need to select the options (w/Tools). – surfasb Jan 16 '12 at 0:32

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