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I am trying to figure out which of the two following scenarios would perform faster. The system has a 500Gb disk, 8Gb Ddr3 Ram and i7 2600, Win7 x64:

  1. Scenario - ReadyBoost

    • SSD drive in sata3 with ~500Mb read/sec.
    • Drive separated in 32Gb partitions
    • All partitions used in ReadyBoost
  2. Scenario - RSTv10.5

    • Intel chipset z68 supports smart SSD caching

Witch one do you think will perform faster?

Note: About not using a big SSD: I consider buying a superfast Ssd drive to hold msPaint a total waste of money.

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This seems to be enough for me. pcworld.com/article/248828/… –  Odys Sep 8 '12 at 16:52