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I'm currently trying to integrate my google calendar into Windows Live Mail.

What I have so far: I went online to the hotmail calendar and subscribed there per iCal to the google calendar. It gets added and displayed properly in Windows Live Mail, but I cannot add new entries.

Any ideas?

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If you used Outlook, you could sync it directly using Google Calendar Sync. – harrymc Jan 19 '12 at 10:43
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Unfortunately you cannot add new entries via iCal interface to Google Calendar as it's read-only and Windows Live Mail doesn't support Google Calendar's API.

The solution would be to either use another program that does support Google Calendar (like Thunderbird or Microsoft Outlook) or to use Windows Live Mail with Hotmail Calendar. Also you can use Google Calendar directly even if your computer is not connected to the Internet. You just need to enable offline mode.

Hope that helps.

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