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I am looking for a VPN router to access my home network when i'm away. Anything in particular i should look for? Don't want to spend a ton, but willing to spend a bit if it has features i could use. Any advice? Also, I have an existing Linksys wireless router i want to continue using.

Update: I've received several great responses on this post and just want to summarize.

LogMeIn: Service that allows remote access, but not ideal as cannot use with RDP
Hamachi: Looks like a good option, but concerned about lack of configurability
Draytek: at $170+ this is too expensive for my budget
Netgear fvs114: price is right at $80, but does not support gigabit throughput
OpenVPN/dd-wrt: I like these options as they can be configured to work with any router, either directly in router via firmware flash or have router pass through to computer on network that has openvpn/dd-wrt installed.

Initially I wasn't considering gigabit throughput support, but after further reading my home network can really benefit from it so that is now a requirement for the new router/switch. I'm looking at the Netgear GS108, at ~$70 with gigabit support, and with OpenVPN/dd-wrt for VPN this is looking like my best option.


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The GS108 is a switch, not a router. – Howiecamp Jun 9 '12 at 0:44

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