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Postbox (which is based on the Thunderbird code) notifies me every time a new email arrives. I have some message filters in place which move some messages automatically from the Inbox to a different folder. I don't want to be notified if such filtered messages arrive. I only want to be notified, for messages in my Inbox.

For Thundebird there is the FiltaQuilla extension which supports a "Do Not Notify" filter action, but I think it isn't supported in Postbox. Is there something similar for Postbox?

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Thanks for the pointer to FiltaQuilla! – cdleary Sep 14 '12 at 19:23

My workaround is a filter rule which does the following:

  • "Move message to" a folder
  • "Mark As Read"
  • "Add topic" which I named "Incoming" so I can distinguish the new messages. After I read them I'm removing the topic.

"Mark As Read" prevents the notification.

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