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I always store in my HDD setup files of software which I generally install after windows installation (like google chrome, skype ... etc). Updating these setup files manually.

I wonder if there is any free application, which checks for updated software and automatically downloads setup files to predefined folder?

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More suitable at – kenorb Dec 23 '15 at 10:07
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It works for most popular freeware. Auto download install and update. Just one click

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I vaguely recall that win-get does this. I don't remember if I've ever used it or not.

Note that Ubuntu Linux automatically downloads updates for most third-party software by default. It pops up a message asking if you want to install the updates. If you tell it to install them all, it installs them all without asking you any more questions.

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Checks versions of all installed SW without downloading:

  • SUMo
  • Software Informer
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