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I heavily rely on organizing all my emails into folders (my brain finds email faster when they're grouped to a certain "topic"). I'm not only putting my received mails into them but also my sent ones, so all emails from a thread are together.

Every time I send an email from a thread, I've to manually move the email to the specific folder (it may be a public folder, but usually isn't).

Is there a way to optimize this?

  1. Can this be done automatically? I imagine I could do it by setting up hundreds of rules (I've literally hundreds of folders ...)
  2. I always have to do it manually after I send the email. This is error prone/annoying (actually less error prone in my case, but annoys me); would it be possible to choose "do not put it into Sent but into this folder" ?

I guess what I would like to see is some kind of automation. If I reply to/forward an email from a folder (except "Inbox"), let Outlook put this just sent email into this folder instead of "Sent".

I'm using Outlook 2007.

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The option is hidden away:

Tools -> Options -> E-mail Options... -> Advanced E-mail Options... -> In folders other than the Inbox, save replies with original message

enter image description here

Update for later version of Outlook - the option has moved and been renamed:

File -> Options -> Mail -> Save Messages -> When replying to a message that is not in the Inbox, save the reply in the same folder

enter image description here

(Screenshot from Outlook 2010)

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Important to remember that the original has to be in the other folder before you click the reply button or that setting doesn't take effect. – BBlake Jan 18 '12 at 13:55
Jesus! I actually didn't believe this would be possible, but works absolutely fantastic, thank you so much! – mark Jan 18 '12 at 14:35

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