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I'm trying to convert a .doc file to pdf with antiword:

antiword -a a4 pruebaDoc.doc > pruebaDoc.pdf

I get this message "The combination PDF and UTF-8 is not supported"

How can I fix this?

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See this post here for a Linux solution. This is the wrapper solution that they recommend:


# a shell wrapper to make 'antiword' usage reasonable on UTF-8 systems.
# Michal Jaegermann,, 2004/Nov/03
#    - simplify and we may be printing on a Postcript printer, 2006/May/08

echo "$@" | egrep -q -w -- '-p|-a' && lang="${LANG%.UTF-8}"
LANG=$lang antiword.bin "$@"

For Windows you can try specifying a specific mapping file using the -m switch:

antiword.exe -a a4 Test.doc -m 8859-1.txt > Test.pdf
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