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I have a open type unicode font created for largely Devanagari codepoints. I want to use it on a website. I converted the font to woff using fontforge. using default options. But once the font is created What should look like this looks like this Is fontforge the right program to convert font to woff format? Has anyone experience and succcess with any other program and successfully converted a non-latin script font to woff format?

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can someone add tags for fontforge? – viyyer Jan 19 '12 at 10:36
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I finally found that combining rules of Devanagari are placed in the are places in different places for Windows7/Vista and WindowsXP/linux . The combining rules with respect to Windows7/Vista were present and the ones related to Windows XP and linux render devanagari and the conjuncts consonants in Devanagari were not present.

I checked this excellent font developed by Mihail Bayaryn and how the combining rules were set. I am in the process of fixing it in this font and will upload the results soon.

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