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I'm running a simple shell script that runs just fine in a login shell from cron, where it doesn't run. For some reason, /usr/local/bin is not on the users path when run from cron while it is when run in a shell.

Where is the environment for cron determined?

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Generally, from the non-login environment established for /bin/sh, which is the default used to run the command.

You can set additional environment variables in your crontab in most versions, vis:

@reboot whatever

Check crontab(5) for details; man 5 crontab

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Check which shell your script is using.

The shell and variables for crontab are specified in /etc/crontab

x@x:~$ cat /etc/crontab 


The profile file used by sh is in user home.

x@x:~$ ls ~/.profile 

You can add PATH variable in end of this file (Make sure you are adding in profile file of correct user)


or you can add the same line in your own script.

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