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Any way to permanently save an edited entry in a GRUB menu during GURB menu usage, not after the system have booted and i can do that by a myriad a ways.

I know about editing the config scripts in grub.d, but for quick changes while I'm fixing something, and that I will have to boot into some ten times and then never more, i'd love to be able to edit an entry on the spot and save.

The manual does not mention anything else besides what's already mentioned on the edit screen (i.e. ctrl-x boot, esc cancel edit), but then, I had to find most available commands from the emergency prompt outside of the manual.

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GRUB has read-only filesystem drivers. It cannot write back updates to the configuration files on disk.

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not even a debug mode where it mount as write mode, save the changes, and mount in RO again? – gcb Mar 19 '12 at 21:37

Run update-grub.

You can quickly edit the resulting grub.cfg file to make your changes.

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i know, but when you are booting ten times per minute to debug something (that may not even give you a usable state, when you are debugging setmode or apci options to the kernel/video drivers) you usually forget or don't even have image on the screen to do anything – gcb Mar 19 '12 at 21:41

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