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My pinned files from Excel are gone I have tried to go here: APPDATA%\Microsoft\Windows\Recent\AutomaticDestinations But I have no idea what to do there. Can someone please help me get them back. If I right click start and then go to Properties then the start menu tab, the correct boxes ARE checked.

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From comments under the OP suggested by sblair and Tony, you should look for the largest files in the folder and delete those. For example all the files in this folder on my computer are under 50K so anything larger than 1MB or even close to it is probably a corrupt file.

Links from comments above:

Word 2007 jumplist missing

and another thread on the Microsoft answer site with a similar suggestion (among others) and some background info.

Deleting the abnormally large files in this folder seems to have the best success rate. Note that this will delete all of the pinned items for the associated program. If you delete all the files in this folder it will delete all of the recent or pinned items for all programs.

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