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I'm looking for recommendations for a digital signage player capable of playing true HD footage. I'll be running up to 4 of them on 42" LCD screens. I've had a terrible time with Mvix and many RMAs later I'm trying to find one that works as advertised.

What I've tried:

  • Mvix Ceeno ($360 ea) - Bad video quality, 2-3 second delay in video looping
  • Mvix DS HD Pro ($650 ea) - Requires you to use VUKUNET (NOT ADVERTISED) which downgrades video to WMV with horrible quality, even worse than the Ceeno

What I need:

  • Loop without "black screen" delay
  • Capable of true 1920x1080 playback of H.264 encoding, or possibly DivX

What would be nice:

  • Remote updates in addition to manual updates
  • Built in wifi
  • Remote control for the less tech-savvy to stop/start the player

What I've been looking at:

I'm really looking for anyone with experience using one or more Digital Signage players. The false advertising by Mvix makes me weary of buying anything based on specs alone.


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Mahdi - the Digital View ViewStream 500 should meet your requirements, see. It handles both manual and remote updates both directly over a LAN or via a server over the Internet. You can find more information on their website.

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Thanks for the link. I was about to go with this, but the client I was working with didn't want a second round of returns.. Never again Mvix! – Mahdi.Montgomery Jan 25 '12 at 0:33

We use a mediaBOX-200 from media signage and also use their software.

It is very good software – and in the box you have an Intel HD 2000 graphics card.

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Take a look at the Popcorn Hour S-210. I don't have any experience with that particular device, but I have owned the A-110 media player for several years and was generally pleased, not because it was so great, but because there were few other choices in this segment (and still are). The S-210 only supports HDMI v1.1a for the video output, though. Ask them if you can get 1080p on your screens.

The only other suggestion that I have is a small-form factor PC (like the ones from Zotac) and a Windows-based software solution, such as this one that a friend of mine wrote 20 years ago as an add-on to a theater management system (please excuse the thick German "accent" in the product description).

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