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In Skype (under Tools -> Options... -> Sounds) I can configure what sounds are played when someone is calling or when one of my contacts comes online.

In order to more easily notice when certain people come online, I would like to configure these notification sounds on a per-contact basis, i.e. assign my contact "Anna" one sound and my contact "Ben" another. This way I could tell by the sound being played whoe came online (even when away from my computer but within earshot). Alternatively, I would like to turn off these notification sounds for all contacts except a select few, so when a sound plays, I know of these people came online.

Is this possible in any version of Skype?

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Let's continue this research and show our support for a native implementation! Contact Sounds for Skype – jrgill Apr 30 '13 at 13:02

Based on similar questions asked and feature requests, I don't think it's possible either through Skype or Growl (which is how I get my notifications on Mac OSX). However, if you are a windows user, you might want to look at Skowler, which I came across in my search for a mac equivalent. It advertises customizable "Growl alert on all buddy sign ons or on a per buddy basis." I haven't tried it and don't know anything more about it, but it gets props from me on the basis of the word play alone.

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i wish we had just a skype plugin to do this instead of having to install 2 more applications... – thedrs Oct 11 '12 at 9:54

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