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I have a questionnaire that users complete. It is in Excel. After users complete the questionnaire I would like to be able to generate a Word document that contains their answers. For example "The answer to your question was [answer from Excel Questionnaire cell A49 ]"

I have seen that this is possible with Sharepoint. However, I don't have Sharepoint. I am working on MS Office 2010. I also have visual Studio Express 2010.

What is the best way to achieve the above, pretty please?


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If you are looking for VBA then you should be asking this at Stack Overflow – brettdj Jan 22 '12 at 0:07

Perhaps use the mail merge feature in MS Word? It wasn't originally designed for this, but you should be able to get exactly the results you need.

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You may be long beyond this problem, but here are links towards a solution.

This covers a range of options.

This describes only one.

Essentially, from Word 2010 use the Insert > Object button. Choose your Excel spreadsheet and then choose the range you want to select.

I am new to this process as well so I can't offer any advice about fine-tuning the formatting, but that should get you started on importing data from Excel.

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