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I currently have ~five inches of printed lines of code, printed on 8.5x11inch paper, three hold punched and stored together in a large five inch binder. However, I want to add some more pages, while, at the same, still keeping everything bound together as one unit.

Are there any creative ways for binding this large about of paper together? I cannot find any commercial binders that are larger than 5-6 inches, which are themselves very expensive.

Thanks in advance for your replies.

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What is your computing related question? The content printed on the pages is irrelevant. –  iglvzx Jan 21 '12 at 19:05
If you have enough margin to use the 2 plate scrapbook bind method Nuts and bolts. Run off to the hardware store and get a set of "threads" found in the metal pieces section usually. It is just a long rod that is threaded down the lenght. In the same place you can (usually) find a 1/2 inch wide flat aluminum strips, in long lengths. Grab some nuts , mabey locking nuts for at least one end of the threads. Drill the flat metal strips with the 3 holes. And literally bolt the whole thing together. Use unthreaded rod and a thread cutter ,locking the 3 pins to the plate, to make a loose bind –  Psycogeek Jan 21 '12 at 19:11

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While this may not seem very creative, it would seem that the simple answer is to simply have two volumes. This is what is done with books, movies etc when they get too long, break them up into parts.

There are other ways to bind together paper such as spiral binding and velo binding, the thought of trying to use any volume much thicker than 5 inches seems impractical.

the other option is to try to fit more information into the same amount of space. Two sided printing, smaller fonts, narrow margins etc.

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