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I purchased Dell XPS laptop. It comes up with 750GB Hard disk and Windows 7 Home Premium. After turning ON the laptop there was only one Partition OS (C:).

I splited this partition into multiple partitions. After this i created Dell Recovery DVDs using Dell DataSafe Local Backup.

Now If I restore OS using this recovery Discs will it restore partition to one large Partition (Factory settings) or keep my existing partition's structure.??

I do not want to take risk by doing it my self. I have very important data on other partitions.

Did anyone knows what will happen if I restore OS using recovery Discs???

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All the installed softwares will restore as is.

Note: Beyond your restore point(That is, the point when you take the backup), whatever you installed it won't restore.

Using Dell DataSafe Local Backup, you need to take full system backup OR (system files + important drive files)

As far as I know, Logical drives may not be restored back (excluding C: drive).

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