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I have heaps of white space in my excel data. I tried the Trim Function but no good... can anyone help? Thanks

(Modified) Example here below..... "

    <li>Elastic Sizing Band with 5 - 6cm Brim</li>
    <li>3 Sizes
    - (#4131 54cm to 50cm:::#4132 50cm-46cm:::#4133 58cm-54cm)</li>
    <li>Rear Toggle Adjustment</li>
    <li>Popular choice for schools and kindergartens </li>

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Try something along the lines of:


to remove line breaks from the text in cell A1. CHAR(10) represents the line break.

Or to convert line breaks to spaces, you can use:


The TRIM function in this case helps to reduce multiple line breaks to a single space.

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Thanks... I tried that way but got stuck...I ended up using the Clean function, then the Trim function. It all seemed to be ok now.Thank you for your response – David Jan 24 '12 at 5:25

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