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I have a java script which is running and kills some processes according to the pid. I run a shell with command of "taskkill /F /pid " adding the pid of the process. I have a problem that sometimes those processes are not killed. altouth I run the script again.

1) How can I find out why it is not killed ? 2) * Do you know a stronger program (than taskkill) in order to kill a process ???


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If you can't kill it with taskkill /F, you probably won't be able to kill it with any other method - short of logging off or rebooting anyway. For some reasons why this might happen, have a look at the answers to this question:

Why sometimes Windows cannot kill a process?

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I use APT (Advanced Process Terminator) to kill some processes that just do not die.

I allows 12 normal ways to kill a process and 2 Kernel Kill options.

Download from here

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