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My university has mechanisms in place to throttle/redirect the internet connection if it detects the use of utorrent, etc. The problem is that it also blocks the use of Mumble and Skype.

I spoke with an admin about the issue. He said that there are registry tweaks available to make Skype work, but doesn't know if there are any which works with Mumble. Does anyone have any insight as to what I can do at this point to make Mumble "bypass" the throttling mechanisms?

here's my correspondence with the admin:

"I have not had any experience with Mumble, though quickly checking, I do see that it is designed to connect to a large number of hosts while it runs. This unfortunately will trigger the Resnet block mechanisms, as your workstation would be communicating to hundreds/thousands of other computers at a time. Skype does similar things, though we can circumvent this by adjusting the registry on your computer."

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My feeling with this is that if the administration (or management for a business) wants you to circumvent their protective blocking/throttling of an application then they will provide you with an approved way to do that. – EBGreen Jan 23 '12 at 21:22
What seems to be going on is that they want you to limit the number of connections to hosts in those programs. No idea how to do that in mumble though. – soandos Jan 23 '12 at 21:24

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