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I'm recording results into an Excel spreadsheet, and I want to record the time I enter the results. In Notepad, one can simply press F6 to get the current time stamp. Is there a simple/easy way to do this in Excel?

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How about these:

  • For the current date: Press CTRL+SEMICOLON
  • For the current time: Press CTRL+SHIFT+SEMICOLON
  • For the current date and time: Press CTRL+SEMICOLON then SPACE then CTRL+SHIFT+SEMICOLON
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Just add =NOW() in a cell.

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There are shortcuts for date (CTRL+;) and time (CTRL+SHIFT+;)

see also http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/excel/HP030561071033.aspx

For other language versions of Excel the shortcuts are a little different. For the german version the shortcuts are CTRL+. and CTRL+SHIFT+.

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