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I tried the following java packages:

  • extra/jdk7-openjdk
  • aur/jdk

In both cases, when using Netbeans, I cannot type text in several dialogs. If I want e.g. to create a new project I cannot specify name etc.

What´s the problem? How to use Netbeans correctly under Arch Linux?

Edit 1

  • Also in the editor the cursor vanishes and typing is no more possible.

Edit 2

  • I also tried out the suggestions of the Arch Linux Forum (e.g. changing to GTK via conf file) but then it looked even uglier than it did before and the problem was not solved.
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I had the same problem after an update from GNOME 3.2 to GNOME 3.4. First I thought it has smth to do with GNOME, but under KDE was the same problem. The solution was to rename / delete the existing netbeans-Configuration-Folder (/home/user/.netbeans). I did the same with .netbeans-derby (don't know if necessary (or even what netbeans-derby is...)).

After a restart of NetBeans I had of course to configure it again, but auto completion works again.

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Well, this really seemed to work... I´ll have to test it some more. In meantime, I also tried sth. out with the conf file (EDIT 2). – user905686 Apr 26 '12 at 16:04

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