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I would like to know if there is an encryption tool that works on both, Ubuntu and Windows, that can encrypt single or multiple files of any kind (not only e-mails or text).

I already have checked TrueCrypt, but it's not what I'm looking for. What I want is an encryption tool that I can right click on a file, select "encrypt", set a password and done. It's also important that the file could be decrypted on Windows as well. The goal is safely share encrypted files trough free hosting sites or DropBox.

I appreciate any help.


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A free, compatible, portable and easy solution (and still very secure) is using encrypted 7z files. You can use 7-zip, p7zip or multiple GUIs on any platform. This screenshot is on Xfce:

enter image description here

Remember to check the encrypt file list option. Otherwise the names of the files inside the archive will be visible.


For those still looking for a solution Boxcryptor may fit your needs:

  • it has a free version (called classic)
  • is compatible with almost every platform: Mac Linux Windows Android iOS and Windows RT!
  • is made for cloud usage (supports tons of cloud providers) but can be used alone (e.g usb drive)!
  • secured with AES-256
  • works totally offline
  • can allow multipassword (check "Enable key validation" in boxcryptor folder's option)
  • multilingual
  • easy for non-geeks

Unlike Truecrypt, which use a single file(called container) and mount it as as a drive/usb Boxcryptor "mount" a folder as a drive/usb but encrypt each file individually within that folder, this way we can access each encrypted file for secure attachement sending, cloud sync etc...

I feel like i spent years to find a soft like that!