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One thing I really like in Windows 7 is the taskbar. I'm wondering if there is some program in Linux which will give me the same functionality.

Here is the functionality that is important to me:

  • I can pin a number of programs to the taskbar.
  • Each of these programs can be started with a keyboard shortcut.
  • If the program is already running, the keyboard shortcut switches to it.
  • I can press another key combination to start a new instance of an already started program.
  • Pressing the start program shortcut repeatedly cycles through open instances.
  • Hovering on the icon shows running instances if there are any.
  • Running instances and launch button is represented by the same button/icon
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Kustodian for KDE attempts something similar. Keyboard shortcuts, by the way, are a function of the window manager, not of the taskbar. See this. – new123456 Jan 24 '12 at 21:39

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