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What is window manager is this picture displaying?

I was very impressed by Fabrice Bellard's JavaScript "linux in browser" to put it mildly. I searched for Fabrice Bellards at Stack Overflow and you can read a lengthy discussion about it. I could put up the link but you can find it very easy by searching.

Here is the video where I found it on youtube: running linux in browser.

I think his window manager is VERY nice. So I probably want to use it if possible, (standard gnome on Fedora and Ubuntu is boring me).

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The window manager he is using is IceWM.

IceWM is a pretty nice and lightweight window manager that can be very similar to the Windows95 interface. Of course it is highly customizable.

As far as I can tell, the configuration of IceWM in the video is pretty close to the default settings.

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It uses Xephyr.

The desktop was rendered through Xephyr and OpenSSH tunnelling to a Cygwin X11 desktop, running on Windows 7.

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